1. Scope

For business connections between neomics and the purchaser exclusively the terms & conditions in their german version valid at the time of the purchase apply. This is a non-binding translation for information only.

2. Conclusion & cancelation of contract

2.1 Neomics agrees to accept the order of the purchaser to the conditions given on the website. In case of literal errors, miscalculations or other errors neomics has the right to cancel the contract.

2.2 If an ordered item is not available neomics has the right to cancel the contract. In this case neomics informs the purchaser that the item is not available as soon as neomics gets knowledge of the unavailability. Transferred money will be refunded.

2.3 After ordering but before neomics has initiated shipment of the items the purchaser has the right to cancel the contract by email. Transferred money will be refunded.

3. Delivery of goods

Ordered items will be delivered to the shipping address given with the order unless a different shipping address is agreed upon. Any given information about shipping times is without obligation unless neomics explicitly guarantees a binding delivery date.

4. Due date and payment

Payment is due with the date of ordering. Payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer (in Europe using BIC and IBAN). The purchaser covers the costs for the bank transfer. When using Paypal, neomics covers the costs.

5. Set-off & withholding

The purchaser may only offset such claims against neomics’ claims that are undisputed or legally recognized. Also he may only offset such claims if they are based on the same contract as neomics’ claims.

6. Reservation of title

Until complete payment of ordered items all delivered items remain under reservation of proprietary rights by neomics.

7. Warranty & liability

7.1 In case of a defect of the delivered items, that neomics is responsible for, the purchaser may claim a replacement to be delivered. If replacement causes unreasonable efforts, or if neomics is not able to replace the item or if replacing the item is not possible in acceptable time or if replacement is not possible by any other mean, the purchaser may choose to cancel the contract or to have the price lowered. Miniatures will be delivered unpainted. The lack of paint is never a defect of the delivered item.

7.2 Metal miniatures may contain lead. The purchaser is responsible for the proper use of the miniatures. Neomics uses exclusively metals and alloys that are widely used by other companies also and common within the miniature market. Neomics is not liable for any harm caused by parts of the used metals and alloys.

7.3 Other titles do not apply unless stated otherwise. Neomics is not liable for any defects other than those occurring on the delivered items. Neomics is not liable for lost profits or any other financial or pecuniary losses. In case neomics is not liable, neomics’ representatives are not personally liable either.

7.4 Neomics is not liable for any harm due to improper use of the miniatures like swallowing miniatures or parts of it.

7.5 If neomics violates contractual obligations negligently neomics is only liable for typically occurring harms.

7.6 Warranty period is 24 months and starts with receiving the items.

8. Privacy

Personal data will only be used by neomcis to fulfil the purchaser’s order and for electronic information and communication with the purchaser. The purchaser agrees on this. Neomcis will not use personal data for other purposes than listed. Please check also our privacy statement for further information.

9. Applicable law

German law excluding UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods applies.