Preparing Auction page

We are preparing our first auction.

In the next days you’ll have the possibility to buy one Neomics team making an auction !

The starting price will be very low only €10 and each bid will increase the value of €1

The auction will be available only for registered users.

Visit our site or our Facebook page every day to see when the auction will start.

Free Shipping option

We offer the opportunity of free shipping for all people making an order of a minimum of € 150 on our site.

Official Facebook Page

We know that You already know it but for the few that missed it this is our official Facebook page of Neomics. An easy way to stay update with our great Fantasy Football miniatures.

Undead Team added: great discount

We just added at the site the Undead Team . You can buy this Fantasy Football Team using the coupon that we created only for July and only for this team. The coupon is “JULY1ST” without quotes.

Fantasy Football Team Discount

We decided to make discount on one Fantasy Football Team in July so stay tuned.
Visit the site in the next days and keep an eye on the news to see what team will be sold with discount.
Remember this coupon “JULY1ST” without quote to have 30% discount in July.

Coupon for Blood Bowl Miniatures

To celebrate the new site of Neomics: Fantasy Football miniatures for Blood Bowl we create one coupon for the first 20 buyers of our products. The coupon will give You 30% discount for Your cart with a minimum of 10 $,  You can find the coupon on the  Facebook page of Neomics.

So be fast : select Your products, add them to Your cart,  Apply the Coupon, update the cart and get them.

Old Registered Users

The ecommerce is operative but the old database of users is not been imported so the old users must register again.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are planning to set up the FB login to make registration easier.

We are open

Welcome to the new site of “Neomics Fantasy Football miniatures” the best miniatures You can find for Blood Bowl

Some pages are still under construction so if you need to see all the Neomics product You can go to, infact we are taking new pictures to the Neomics miniatures to show You the high quality of every piece.

So if You need a miniature that You cannot find in this new site but You found in the old one contact us.

Work in progress

We are still working to finish details so if You encounter any problem Contact us using our contact form.
Thank You for your patience.

Opening Soon

We are restyling the Neomics site so don’t worry if some problems will incurr. We hope that You’ll like the new look.

We’ll be fully operative very soon! Contact us for any problem.